Sunday, November 20, 2011

The faster you run, the faster you're done...

I am running a marathon! 
Okay, okay, actually it's a half marathon...

Since "half-marathon" has the word "marathon" in it, I like to just call it marathon for short, but I see how that could confuse some people, ha. In all reality, I am not sure that I ever aspire to run a full marathon. The thought of a mere 13.1 miles makes me a bit nervous, the entire trek of 26.2 miles is simply unbearable to comprehend for me. 

Those who know me may remember I had high hopes of running a half marathon about this time last year. I got hyped up and joined a gym and even began a training program, but after a few short weeks I lost interest and regrettably gave up. But, I am thankful to say that this time I am running with my sweet friend who is one of the greatest encouragers I know! With her motivation, my competitive spirit, and some money already invested in this endeavor it would be hard to turn back now. Not to mention, I am not announcing it to the world (i.e. the 2 people that follow me), via the internet. 

So heres to the many hours or practice, endless amounts of sweat, and miles of distance to a goal worth completing. Wish me luck and perseverance, I am super excited. 

I just bought these little beauties to start my training!
Happy running. -M