Sunday, November 20, 2011

The faster you run, the faster you're done...

I am running a marathon! 
Okay, okay, actually it's a half marathon...

Since "half-marathon" has the word "marathon" in it, I like to just call it marathon for short, but I see how that could confuse some people, ha. In all reality, I am not sure that I ever aspire to run a full marathon. The thought of a mere 13.1 miles makes me a bit nervous, the entire trek of 26.2 miles is simply unbearable to comprehend for me. 

Those who know me may remember I had high hopes of running a half marathon about this time last year. I got hyped up and joined a gym and even began a training program, but after a few short weeks I lost interest and regrettably gave up. But, I am thankful to say that this time I am running with my sweet friend who is one of the greatest encouragers I know! With her motivation, my competitive spirit, and some money already invested in this endeavor it would be hard to turn back now. Not to mention, I am not announcing it to the world (i.e. the 2 people that follow me), via the internet. 

So heres to the many hours or practice, endless amounts of sweat, and miles of distance to a goal worth completing. Wish me luck and perseverance, I am super excited. 

I just bought these little beauties to start my training!
Happy running. -M

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Step 1: office renovation!

The desks are finally finished and in the office! (note the squirrel on my desk, he's my fav)
Do not be overwhelmed by the amount of wood in this room. Well, actually be overwhelmed. I know I am. Its scary how much wood there from a horror movie kind of scary. But do not worry, I've been reading some great tutorials on painting wood paneling. So, that is coming soon! I am leaning towards a creamy neutral color for the walls with accents of navy blues, reds, and maybe a bit of yellow. This will go perfect with all the firefighter trinkets and paraphernalia we have! 

I am hoping for a color scheme similar to these.  

Next project, office chairs. Love this one...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Im not fat, Im just a little husky!

Just wanted to introduce the newest member of the family. 

Mia Sanders!

She is a fully bred Siberian Husky from Savannah Tennessee. She is 10 weeks old and has the bluest eyes you've ever seen with a cute little tail that curls up! She is a crazy hyper little thing but we are so glad to welcome her to our (crazy hyper) new little family.

Mark and I are both big fans of sock monkeys, and Mia appreciates that love as well. She was welcomed home with her first sock monkey toy from her auntie Han (my best friend). You would never believe me if I told you what we found next, heres picture proof...

A sock monkey dog bed!

We love it! And Mia loves it! She probably wont fit into it much longer, but right now she snuggles up in it every night. She's a good little pup! We (as in Mark) just taught her to sit on command, and sometimes she will even high 5! If anyone has any dog training tips let us know. 

-M & M (and now M)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Anthro inspired...

I know you all are anxiously awaiting the final desk pictures (refer back to this post). However, we had a slight malfunction with the staining (remember, I told you that was my only job) and there will be no pictures today. But, don't you worry, it will be fixed up in a jiffy and the story will continue soon.

For today, I thought I would post about the awesome bed that I mentioned in a previous posts. So it all began several months ago when I browsed upon this picture on pinterest...

I went on to find many more "hanging bed" photos, and was intrigued (but not completely sold) on the idea. HOWEVER, my husband was much more zealous...Days after casually showing him the picture I come home to this...

 It may not look like much now, but within minutes (like 100 minutes) this hunk of wood was hung from the ceiling, and turned into this little beauty...

I don't know how he did it, but he did, and for all under $150! He said we will build you one for $1,000. Ha, but all jokes aside we really did find this one at Anthorpologie for a whopping $3,000! So there it is, our anthro inspired bed, with a  total savings of $2800 some odd bucks! 

Ps, it now has this beautiful bedding on it from Any ideas where I can get a fluffy cream colored rug like the one pictured? 

-M & M

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Crafty husband

Have I mentioned that Im not the only crafty one in the family, well no I haven't because this is the first post...But let me tell you I am blessed with a crafty, creative, handy, talented (and thrifty) husband!

Little did I know he was also a carpenter! (I plan to post pictures of the bed he built me also!) Sometime before the wedding he had mentioned that he wanted a new desk for the home office, next thing I know, he's building "them" (yes, two of them). Let me start by saying, we had originally planned for this room to be his "man cave office " where he could escape my vintage frills and chandeliers... However, HE generously offered to share the office with me! I am already using the other spare bedroom as my closet, so this was a VERY generous offer.

Today was the day he finished building the desks, and let me just say THEY LOOK AWESOME!
I was in charge of sanding and staining, wait until you see the finished projects!!

We are thinking of placing them L shaped in the corner by the window or parallel side-by-side on the back wall, I like the symmetrical look. Now, I have to resist any ruffled curtains, in hopes of keeping this room semi-modern and manly(ish)....

maybe something like this...

Spoiler alert: We bought some beautiful wicker basket to serve as the "drawers" they look incredible also.
The desks are currently drying in the carport, so look back tomorrow for finished product pictures!