Saturday, October 29, 2011

Im not fat, Im just a little husky!

Just wanted to introduce the newest member of the family. 

Mia Sanders!

She is a fully bred Siberian Husky from Savannah Tennessee. She is 10 weeks old and has the bluest eyes you've ever seen with a cute little tail that curls up! She is a crazy hyper little thing but we are so glad to welcome her to our (crazy hyper) new little family.

Mark and I are both big fans of sock monkeys, and Mia appreciates that love as well. She was welcomed home with her first sock monkey toy from her auntie Han (my best friend). You would never believe me if I told you what we found next, heres picture proof...

A sock monkey dog bed!

We love it! And Mia loves it! She probably wont fit into it much longer, but right now she snuggles up in it every night. She's a good little pup! We (as in Mark) just taught her to sit on command, and sometimes she will even high 5! If anyone has any dog training tips let us know. 

-M & M (and now M)

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