Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Crafty husband

Have I mentioned that Im not the only crafty one in the family, well no I haven't because this is the first post...But let me tell you I am blessed with a crafty, creative, handy, talented (and thrifty) husband!

Little did I know he was also a carpenter! (I plan to post pictures of the bed he built me also!) Sometime before the wedding he had mentioned that he wanted a new desk for the home office, next thing I know, he's building "them" (yes, two of them). Let me start by saying, we had originally planned for this room to be his "man cave office " where he could escape my vintage frills and chandeliers... However, HE generously offered to share the office with me! I am already using the other spare bedroom as my closet, so this was a VERY generous offer.

Today was the day he finished building the desks, and let me just say THEY LOOK AWESOME!
I was in charge of sanding and staining, wait until you see the finished projects!!

We are thinking of placing them L shaped in the corner by the window or parallel side-by-side on the back wall, I like the symmetrical look. Now, I have to resist any ruffled curtains, in hopes of keeping this room semi-modern and manly(ish)....

maybe something like this...

Spoiler alert: We bought some beautiful wicker basket to serve as the "drawers" they look incredible also.
The desks are currently drying in the carport, so look back tomorrow for finished product pictures!


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