Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Anthro inspired...

I know you all are anxiously awaiting the final desk pictures (refer back to this post). However, we had a slight malfunction with the staining (remember, I told you that was my only job) and there will be no pictures today. But, don't you worry, it will be fixed up in a jiffy and the story will continue soon.

For today, I thought I would post about the awesome bed that I mentioned in a previous posts. So it all began several months ago when I browsed upon this picture on pinterest...

I went on to find many more "hanging bed" photos, and was intrigued (but not completely sold) on the idea. HOWEVER, my husband was much more zealous...Days after casually showing him the picture I come home to this...

 It may not look like much now, but within minutes (like 100 minutes) this hunk of wood was hung from the ceiling, and turned into this little beauty...

I don't know how he did it, but he did, and for all under $150! He said we will build you one for $1,000. Ha, but all jokes aside we really did find this one at Anthorpologie for a whopping $3,000! So there it is, our anthro inspired bed, with a  total savings of $2800 some odd bucks! 

Ps, it now has this beautiful bedding on it from Any ideas where I can get a fluffy cream colored rug like the one pictured? 

-M & M

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  1. I love this bed, it is so amazing! Your husband did a great job :) I just found your blog and love it!

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    Have a great weekend!