Thursday, June 28, 2012

What I love Whenevers

Well I always miss what I love Wednesday, so here are my "What I love Whenevers" 
Happy looking!

I am loving maxi dresses/skirts lately. I only have two, and I barely ever wear them, but I am totally loving them on these girls!

I am loving always. These little babies are my current obsession. 

I love that I ran a muddy race with my hubs and best friend this weekend. So much fun!
Check it out at, if it comes to your city, GO! 
Or you could host your own little muddy race!

I am loving that I am making this yummy dinner tonight. 
You can get the recipe HERE!

I am loving this funny website I saw on Pinterest. You send your kids artwork and they send you back a toy. Pinning this for when I have kids. 

I love this piece of advice, and often think of it when cleaning the house, making dinner ect.

I am LOVINGGGG this little beauty. I am waiting for an occasion to make it worth buying. 

I love this cuuutttee idea! I am planning to make it for our friends who are called to the mission field! So simple, and so precious. 

I am absolutly loving these mismatched chairs all painted the same color. 

I (think) I am loving matte nails. What do you think? 
I don't know if I can give up my shine.

Lastly, I am loving my bff. 
This girl. 
What a cutie, right? Visit her HERE!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Front Door Makeover

I am co-hosting what I like to call a lingerie-shower-bachelorette-party-extravaganza for one of my best friends this weekend! I am so excited for several reasons.
1) because I love her to pieces and am so thrilled to be apart of her upcoming wedding.
2) because its going to be a very very nice break from all my school.
...and maybe most importantly...
3) because I thought volunteering to host a party at my place, would help
motivate me to finish some projects around the house!
Win-win, right??

(You can look forward to some Bachelorette posts after this weekend!)

House project #1: Front Door

    I found this inspiration from Pinterest (while scrolling through my app during Finance class, oops) and decided that first and foremost I would tackle our door.
Every house needs a cute front door, and we certainly did not have one.
How freaking adorable, right???

I totally adore the mint but it doesn't really match my exterior paint and/or interior decor. So I decided for my "Front Door Makeover" I would go dark blue. 

I used a Home Depot coupon and snagged a high gloss quart of this Olympic paint color called "Spangled Banner" for $7.99
I forgot to snap a picture before I started painting away, but I figured you could use your imagination...It was just a old, dirty, white door. 
(P.S. those are my DIY striped curtains, as well)

After two coats of paint, a little dry time, and a cutesy DIY wreath, this is our final product. 
(Wish I had some pictures of it closed, from the outside of the house, but the sun was too bright to get a decent view of it today.)
It looks nothing like my Pinterest inspiration. 
I like to think it looks more "me", which I love. 
I considered adding the little numbers like in the Pinterest picture, but after hanging the wreath I felt like it might be too much. So for now, it is finished!

I purchased the wreath supplies at Hobby Lobby 
Twig wreath- $4.99
Wooden letter- $2.99
Flowers $8.99 
(with 40% off coupon)
Raffia bow-had at home
Spray paint- had at home

Paint+paint brush- $10.00
Wreath= $14.00

I am a pretty happy girl. 


Sunday, June 17, 2012

summer summer go away

Dear blog friends, 

There is nothing sweet about this post, no pictures, and no cute quotes. 

But I am so overwhelmed. Can I please just whine for a second?
I study all day everyday. I barely have time to shower or eat and I've gotten like 10 hours of sleep in the last 3 days. Not only do I never have time to blog, goodness knows, I have nothing to blog about. Over the last 3 weeks, Ive cooked nothing, put on nothing cute to where, and have not even thought about cleaning the house. 

Feeling overwhelmed and underachieved. Don't know if Im going to pass these classes, don't know when I will graduate. Wishing I could do more for my hubs, and dying to get some rest. Summer school please end. 


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birthday fun

We celebrated my husbands birthday yesterday, and we had so much fun!

Mark, I am so thankful that in the lovely month of June, 3 years ago, I found you. My life has never been the same since. Happy birthday, love. I am looking forward to many more birthdays shared with you.

Flashback: Mark and I three years ago. I made him a birthday cake two days after we started dating!

I've slacked since then, because I didn't even make him a cake...Heck, I didn't even have his name written on it. Thanks Kroger. 

However, I did coming home from school wearing a birthday hat, blowing a horn, toting balloons and a huge card and throwing confetti everywhere (which I later had to sweep up)! 

Its hard to see, but I threw confetti at Mia too! She loved the birthday festivities!
P.s. Don't judge the yard, we are working on it! Step 1; tear down that random wood frame. 
P.s.s. It was raining, thats why Im wearing boots in June.

Happy Birthday, Mark! I love you times a million.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Date night #2

So excited to spend the evening with my husband.
We went and played with his new birthday present; a gun!
 The pictures can speak for themselves!

We had a lot of fun, and I actually didn't do too poorly!! I love hanging with my husband!

I had this deliciousness cooking in the crockpot!
I got this yummy crockpot chicken chili recipe off this website
(I skipped the cayenne pepper and it was still pretty spicy, so keep that in mind)

It was awesome, we loved it!
This is the first time I've used my crockpot since we've been married. Huge success!
Served it with some grilled cheese. Final product looked like this. yumm!

Happy day- M

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

50 ways to inspire your husband

Read an article that I found on a link from Pinterest today, and felt I had to share!!!
 I take no credit for creating this list, but man, it is awesome!!! With many of my blogger friends being newlyweds I hoped it would encourage you, as you walk with your husband, in the way it has already encouraged me. 
I am committing to pursue each of these activities to daily inspire my husband. Since I am pretty certain he rarely reads my blog, he will definitely be caught by surprise!

The article reads:
There’s an old joke about one of our presidents walking with his wife, who sees one of her old boyfriends in a less-than-glorious occupation. The president looks at the old boyfriend and remarks, “If you hadn’t married me, you might be married to that guy.”
The first lady answers calmly, “If I had married him, he’d be president.”
Now, occupation is not the measure of a man. But as a wife, you do possess a unique power to inspire your husband. Your loving vision of the man he’s becoming propels him toward greatness—not necessarily by the world’s yardstick of success, or even your own, but of God’s.
When you believe in him, he is secure. He can take the leaps of faith required to surmount fear. He can bear up under pressure, pioneer new territory.
An inspired husband feels the freedom to reach the fullest potential of the man God has created him to be. He’s not merely encouraged. He’s a man who’s empowered; a conqueror. If you want to give your man some “wind beneath his wings”… start here.
1.  Initiate great sex.
2.  Send him an email. Example: “Praying for you today. Thanks for being so courageous in [insert specific area].”
3.  Give him one night on a regular basis to do something he loves.
4.  Consistently mention ways you see him growing to be more like Christ.
5.  Ask him about his “bucket list.”
6.  Give him a book, audio CD, or ticket to learn about something he loves doing.
7.  Ask him about some dreams he has — and pray about them together, evaluating them. Then ask how you can help him go after them.
8.  Text him. Example: “REMINDER: I BELIEVE IN U.”
9. Make sure he feels respected by you.
10.  Leave sticky notes in his lunch, on his steering wheel, in his briefcase, etc. “So proud of all you’ve been doing with ___.” “You are so great with our kids.” “You are my dream come true.” “You are an incredible lover.”
11.  Suggest that he take some time to go pursue a hobby.
12.  Leave a message on his voicemail: “Thanks for going to work every day to take care of our family. You are so good at what you do.”
13. Ask him how you can pray for him at work. Later on in the week, ask about his prayer requests again.
14. Be proactive about doing something together that he really enjoys: make a date, get him excited, and share his enthusiasm!
15.  Tell him areas he’s gifted in. Don’t stretch the truth; be honest so he can trust you.
16. Pray for him.
17. Initiate great sex.
18.  Start and keep a “Dreams” binder with him. Include some travel brochures or whatever gets you excited. In the back, make sure you have a “Dreams turned reality!” file.
19.  Talk with him about setting aside a small part of the budget to pursue the ways God has created him — through education or through sheer enjoyment.
20.  Post on his Facebook wall: “I love being your wife! See me tonight regarding this.”
21. Gently communicate with him about what you like in bed, and respond encouragingly to his attempts.
22.  Remember a dream that he had a long time ago. Talk with him about whether it’s still a dream — and still a possibility.
23.  Ask God to open your eyes to the ways He has made your husband and to give you wisdom about how to maximize that workmanship.
24.  Have your children write him notes or letters about what they love about their dad.
25.  Initiate great sex.
26.  Ban yourself from any nagging, the Great Life-Sucker.
27.  Ask, “If I could do one thing I’m not already doing that would really empower you and inspire you, what would it be?” Listen — resist being defensive (the hard part) — and follow through.
28.  As you think of them, remind him of specific times and areas he has impacted people’s lives: “Hey, I was thinking the other day about all the time you invested in that Cub Scout troop. Wonder what those boys are doing now. It was so cool to watch them grow with you as their leader.” “Our son has grown so much in encouraging people lately. He gets that from you; you are such a good example for him in that.”
29.  Buy him something small to stoke the fires: a journal for a writer; some carpentry pencils for a woodworker; some grilling tools for the master chef. Add a sweet note: “Just because I love the way you’re made.”
30.  Do something fun and unexpected together: paintball; laser tag; on a spring day, have a picnic, blow bubbles, and bring the books you’re reading; swing; go to a drive-in movie, bring popcorn, and instigate a make-out session.
31. Think about a way you’ve been hurting him, annoying him, or not “seeing” him. Apologize, and work hard at showing true change.
32. Initiate great sex.
33. Go to a home improvement store to plan a small, doable project that energizes both of you, even if it’s just painting a room or fixing up some landscaping. (Hint: Make sure it’s something by which he won’t feel burdened.)
34. Do something from his to-do list for him — something that he’d rather have you do anyway.
35. Find a mutually enjoyable activity you like doing together on a regular basis — even if it’s playing the Wii together.
36. Create a cheerful atmosphere when he comes home.
37. Design a date night that will help him to de-stress and have fun.
38. Discover his love language and become even more fluent in it.
39.  Pray about and pursue at least one dream of your own, talking with him about it.
40.  What’s hard about his life right now? Pray for his endurance, and encourage him specifically. Galatians 6:9 is a great start for both.
41.  Organize or clean something in your home that you know he finds messy.
42.  Send a snail-mail love note to him at the office, affirming him in his work.
43.  If there’s something on his “Honey Do” list at home that he finds overwhelming or has a hard time finding time to do, talk with him (respectfully and gently) about the possibility of having it hired out. Make sure he knows it’s not because you find him incompetent, but that you want to free him from a burden.
44.  Initiate great sex.
45. Be a student of your husband. Does he feel inspired if he’s got all his ducks in a row? If he’s got a creative space to think? If he feels verbally affirmed?
46. If he’s into dressing nice, go with him to shop for clothes in which he feels confident.
47. Let him overhear you speaking well of him on the phone, among friends, or in public places.
48.  In his area of weakness, pray about how to subtly and gently step in and help him.
49.  Tell him what a great dad he is. Be specific.
50.  If and when he messes up, respond with the kind of grace, compassion, and mercy that God gives us. Respond in a way that communicates, You’re safe with me — and I’m not going to rehash your failures. This is a secure place for you to grow … and I love the journey with you.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Washer/dryer solution

Dilemma 1: Our washer broke.
 We use to have a stackable washer/dryer in our tiny little kitchen. After being quoted for a repair with a huge price tag, we decided to just buy a new unit.

We chose this.
LG washer/dryer combo.
If you could fall in love with a washer/dryer, this would be it. 

Dilemma 2: After replacing the stackable unit with this MUCH smaller unit, we were left with a big empty wall and this ugly plumbing.

So, we needed a quick (temporary) fix! I used this little window, that I had previously painted with chalkboard paint as a cover up. I could not hang it flush against the wall because of the perturbing pipes. SO, I hung it like this! 
Wrote a little verse on it to motivate me while doing laundry and whal-ah!

Of course the whole corner needs a little cleaning, and it doesn't fully solve (or hide) the problem, but it helps out for now!

Don't judge my microsoft paint skills, but we are planning on creating a more permanent fix for the washer by building a little home for it, something similar to this!

Sorry for the HORRIBLE picture quality!
More to come on the washer/dryer solution soon!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I love (and not love) Wednesday


Ive been in a summer-y mood lately, and my "what I loves" will show it. 

Look at these precious finds. 
I will certainly be making these at the first opportunity that comes up. 

I might just have a diy mason jar chandelier project in my future!

I love a nude nail more than anything! I wear them all year long. It always looks so polished...literally. 

Grab this when you can't lug a big tote around, so simple!
This has been on my wish list for a LONG LONG time. Michael is always a classic.

This picture makes me never want to cut my hair.

Love these summer-y outfits! Want that shirt!

Love that I recently bought some mint pants! They go with so much!

This tv show! They are the cutest couple! 

and lastly, I love that I am using my crock-pot for the first time to make honey chicken! YUM!


is mine and M's schedules!
 Between my job and school, and his job and school I am grateful for every minute I get with him!

and lastly, I am not loving that I SHATTERED MY PHONE!
(can you see the reflection of Cory Matthews from the TV?)

Happy Wednesday

Friday, April 20, 2012

Vacation; PART 2

I am so excited to finish sharing about our wonderful vacation!

After enjoying the beautiful Miami and the company of our wonderful friends we continued our vacation by boarding the incredible Carnival Valor.

Although there were a million details and fun stories, I am going to be quick,
and try to wrap it up in this one post!

First day on the boat.
Key West!
This lil guy was just chillin. Chickens just walked across the street!   
We visited a turtle aquarium in Grand Cayman. You can just pick them right up out of the water! So fun!
Jamaica! Look at the water!
Getting ready for a dolphin swim!
Dolphin kisses! So cute, right???

We had a great time. Mark is incredible, genuinely incredible. I had so much fun with him.

We were both so incredibly blessed to have been able to get away from work (and school) for a bit and enjoy vacation. I loved every second that I got to spend with my sweet husband, more than the last. 
That's true for all my time with him though. :-) 
We have already starting saving for our next trip!

The car situation is resolved! Just went to pick it up this morning! So excited to be out of the rental car!