Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I love (and not love) Wednesday


Ive been in a summer-y mood lately, and my "what I loves" will show it. 

Look at these precious finds. 
I will certainly be making these at the first opportunity that comes up. 

I might just have a diy mason jar chandelier project in my future!

I love a nude nail more than anything! I wear them all year long. It always looks so polished...literally. 

Grab this when you can't lug a big tote around, so simple!
This has been on my wish list for a LONG LONG time. Michael is always a classic.

This picture makes me never want to cut my hair.

Love these summer-y outfits! Want that shirt!

Love that I recently bought some mint pants! They go with so much!

This tv show! They are the cutest couple! 

and lastly, I love that I am using my crock-pot for the first time to make honey chicken! YUM!


is mine and M's schedules!
 Between my job and school, and his job and school I am grateful for every minute I get with him!

and lastly, I am not loving that I SHATTERED MY PHONE!
(can you see the reflection of Cory Matthews from the TV?)

Happy Wednesday


  1. AHHHH! Shattered your phone!?! Dangitttt! I have mint pants, there LC from Kohls, I LOVE them! And the mason jar cookie/flowers!!!!!!!

  2. @kellyginn I saw your mint pants today!!!