Monday, June 25, 2012

Front Door Makeover

I am co-hosting what I like to call a lingerie-shower-bachelorette-party-extravaganza for one of my best friends this weekend! I am so excited for several reasons.
1) because I love her to pieces and am so thrilled to be apart of her upcoming wedding.
2) because its going to be a very very nice break from all my school.
...and maybe most importantly...
3) because I thought volunteering to host a party at my place, would help
motivate me to finish some projects around the house!
Win-win, right??

(You can look forward to some Bachelorette posts after this weekend!)

House project #1: Front Door

    I found this inspiration from Pinterest (while scrolling through my app during Finance class, oops) and decided that first and foremost I would tackle our door.
Every house needs a cute front door, and we certainly did not have one.
How freaking adorable, right???

I totally adore the mint but it doesn't really match my exterior paint and/or interior decor. So I decided for my "Front Door Makeover" I would go dark blue. 

I used a Home Depot coupon and snagged a high gloss quart of this Olympic paint color called "Spangled Banner" for $7.99
I forgot to snap a picture before I started painting away, but I figured you could use your imagination...It was just a old, dirty, white door. 
(P.S. those are my DIY striped curtains, as well)

After two coats of paint, a little dry time, and a cutesy DIY wreath, this is our final product. 
(Wish I had some pictures of it closed, from the outside of the house, but the sun was too bright to get a decent view of it today.)
It looks nothing like my Pinterest inspiration. 
I like to think it looks more "me", which I love. 
I considered adding the little numbers like in the Pinterest picture, but after hanging the wreath I felt like it might be too much. So for now, it is finished!

I purchased the wreath supplies at Hobby Lobby 
Twig wreath- $4.99
Wooden letter- $2.99
Flowers $8.99 
(with 40% off coupon)
Raffia bow-had at home
Spray paint- had at home

Paint+paint brush- $10.00
Wreath= $14.00

I am a pretty happy girl. 



  1. Hey there! If I may suggest, choose a different shade of blue. Perhaps,a lighter shade than the one you have now? It's too dark and dull. The color of the door that you pinned looks more appropriate for a front door 'cause it'll look more inviting and welcoming.

    Vernie Herr

  2. Your blue door is appealing, but it lacks something. It's too plain, that hanging a wreath wouldn't still be enough to give it life. How about if you add more color to it? Let's say, design your door, consider adding frames, or accessorize it. Give it a twist! It's good as it is, but redesigning it will make it look even better.

    -Danielle Bailey @ VinylumeInc.