Thursday, June 28, 2012

What I love Whenevers

Well I always miss what I love Wednesday, so here are my "What I love Whenevers" 
Happy looking!

I am loving maxi dresses/skirts lately. I only have two, and I barely ever wear them, but I am totally loving them on these girls!

I am loving always. These little babies are my current obsession. 

I love that I ran a muddy race with my hubs and best friend this weekend. So much fun!
Check it out at, if it comes to your city, GO! 
Or you could host your own little muddy race!

I am loving that I am making this yummy dinner tonight. 
You can get the recipe HERE!

I am loving this funny website I saw on Pinterest. You send your kids artwork and they send you back a toy. Pinning this for when I have kids. 

I love this piece of advice, and often think of it when cleaning the house, making dinner ect.

I am LOVINGGGG this little beauty. I am waiting for an occasion to make it worth buying. 

I love this cuuutttee idea! I am planning to make it for our friends who are called to the mission field! So simple, and so precious. 

I am absolutly loving these mismatched chairs all painted the same color. 

I (think) I am loving matte nails. What do you think? 
I don't know if I can give up my shine.

Lastly, I am loving my bff. 
This girl. 
What a cutie, right? Visit her HERE!



  1. Love me some Nicholl! & maxis even tho I'm short and can't really pull them off!

  2. this is too emotional for me to handle right now. Love you so much! (miss you more)

  3. I am totally loving maxi skirts/dresses too, but for some reason I don't own nearly enough either! And I'm not so sure how I feel about matte nails, I've always gone back and forth with it but I guess I'd have to try it on myself to see! xo