Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Treasure chest

Purchased this hunk of beauty at an antique store this weekend, and have been excited to blog about it ever since. I paid more for it than I wanted to, but less than I have ever seen one for...I consider that a success!

I had something like this is mind for it, in our living room. 

I was immediately disappointed to find it was a bit taller than I wanted. In my buying excitement it never crossed my mind to measure before purchasing; LESSON LEARNED! So right now it is smushed in a corner next to the sofa. 
P.s. The old chair in the corner is our wedding guest book! Everyone signed it with sweet messages and I later made the burlap pillow to display our weddding date. It's one of my favorite things in the house!

I can't resist the charm of old things. Time adds character to everything; In furniture and in life (thats why I married an older man) :-) Speaking of him, the hubs and I ran across this jewel of old treasures while we were in Somerville today. So we had to make a pitstop!   

After browsing, digging, and exchanging stories with a sweet old man we unfortunately left empty handed. I am so thankful to be paired with someone in life who can see the beauty in unexpected things. My sweet husband not only humors me by tagging along to antique stores, but actually enjoys rummaging though the trash to help me find the treasures, and he has a great eye for it too!

We did find this cute guy, but we didn't want to take him from his other little antique friends, so we left him there. (If you don't know how much I LOVE squirrels, check out our wedding website here and read our proposal story.)

Long story short, I bought a new chest. M calls it a treasure chest. He's silly. I love him.
Happy antique-ing

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  1. I'm from Somerville! And Jonathan & I plan to move back there as soon as possible!

    Home sweet home :)