Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Training update!!!
I haven't given up, although there are times Ive felt like it. 

For those of you who don't know, I am training for a half marathon (see previous post here) with my best friend Kelly (check out her blog here)! The race is about 8 weeks away, and I am right (about) on track with my first 5 mile run yesterday! I am going to brag just a little bit and tell you I ran it in 53.5 minutes! So needless to say, I am very excited about that! 

Now I even have calluses on my feet (EWW, why am I telling you that???) but I'm okay with that, because it makes me feel like a serious runner! Ive run almost exactly 20 total miles this week! I have about perfected my run routine. I have a small pre-run snack like grilled chicken or turkey and crackers. I also have an awesome playlist that helps me keep a decent pace. And my all time favorite running attire is a pair of puma shorts, a nike sports bra and a baggy tank top from Old Navy (which Mark bought me in 6 different colors). 

I asked M if he would stand at the end of the race with one of these for me. 

I think any of these would be the perfect reward!

Happy running- M


  1. congrats, girl! i'm training for my first half too! i'm up to 8 mile so far! i never thought i would actually enjoy running! lol

    and i definitely want that purple tank after the half is over! :)

    1. Thanks sweet girl! I am just now starting to enjoy it as well! When is your race?

  2. LOVE IT! wish I hadn't wimped out on my training for a half!
    i nominated you for a sunshine award on my blog :))
    follow the link to get rules to pass it on

  3. Welcome to the running club :) Running is amazing. Just don't do what I did and run too much too fast- you will get injuries. Running changed my life. And my first 1/2 was one of the best experiences of my life! Just have fun!

    PS- wait until your toenails turn black and fall off :) talk about gross, LOL.