Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wedding cake link up!

I was going to do a "wedding cake link up" with the website The Magnolia Pair but the link is not showing up right now for some reason. But, it was her great idea, so check her out if you can.

Taking a second to love on my sweet wedding cake!
(p.s. i have recently been blogging like every single day, I am addicted!)

It was 4 tiered all classic vanilla, with vanilla buttercream. Boring?? Yes....but I am okay with that. I have always loved that simple "wedding cake flavor" and knew that is what I wanted. Our bakery did a fantastic job from a quick sketch I made. The sweet little ruffles and pink flower matched our decor perfectly!

My cute groom shoving it in my mouth! I wasnt mad, cause it taste delicious!!!

side note: I made the fabric garland that hung in the background which I think looked great for pictures!

I also made these cuties that served as our cake topper! I found some similar ones on for $150. Since I am probably the cheapest person you will ever meet (you can ask M) I decided I could do it for less. Much I did! 

side note again: It looks my little clothes pin people need a quick swipe with a lint roller. I dont remember it looking like this on top of the cake though!

I made this chocolate ganache cake covered with chocolate buttercream and dark chocolate flakes for M.
The firefighter decal is made from colored fondant.

There was plenty of bridal cake for all our 200 some odd guests, but they flocked to this one...maybe I should have made it bigger, or re-thought the complete vanilla bridal thing!

Sidenote #3: I am so so so proud of my firefighting husband. What an incredible soul it takes to live life serving others. It has has been an incredible joy to hear of his fire tales, and watch his career journey. I can never express my gratitude for what these men do.
Glad to share a part of our big day with you all! Im sure I will post again tomorrow, ha.

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