Tuesday, February 21, 2012

guilty pleasures

I am going to share this with you, but only if you promise not to judge me. Mark and I are usually fairly healthy. We try to grill whatever we can and eat lots of fruits and veggies. This was an exception. 

I made these little guilty pleasures for breakfast this morning.  
Notice I added some strawberries to balance it out. I am perfectly aware I will have to run a little further at the gym tonight, and I am totally okay with that. These were well worth it! The problem is they are so so simple that I may be tempted to make them again in the future! AHH!

I bought a can of "Grands" Pillsbury biscuits, heated some cooking oil on the stove, used the dough to form these donut circles by hand and dropped them in the oil. The first one burnt, of course. It literally took like 2 seconds per side. So once they were cooked on both sides and evenly golden, I set them to dry on a paper towel. Meanwhile I melted a few tablespoons of butter in a dish and mixed some sugar and cinnamon together in a separate dish. Once my donuts had cooled a bit I dipped them in the melted butter and then into the sugar mixture. 

The recipe I followed recommended flipping the donut and repeating the sugaring steps for both sides. Obviously already concerned about the nutritional benefits of this dish, I skipped that step. However, I am fairly certain that made no difference whatsoever!

After a momentary scare where we found they were not fully cooked through, I threw them in the oven for a few minutes...and then...
they were PERFECT! 
It was a nice treat to have instead of Lucky Charms. It made 8 delicious donuts. One of which I burnt to crisp, and one of which the dog ate, typical!

It's been a great morning, and it is completely beautiful outside! 
PS. I am so excited for our "Taco shop Tuesday" with my hottie of a husband tonight! Ill keep you updated on that! Get outside and do something fun today!



  1. These look absolutely delicious and don't feel guilty about eating them, you only live once :)

  2. That sounds delicious! how much oil did you have to use?? Do they have to be able to sink all the way into the oil?