Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I see everyone else posting "What I love..." posts. I certainly cannot promise to do one every week so I refuse to call it "What I love Wednesdays" so for not I will call it "What I love Whenever!"

Here goes.

First of all, I LOVE my job! I spent the day shopping for all kinds of pretty things. I love being a part of helping others plan important days in their lives. I am truly blessed to work with some incredibly talented people, and to truly love what I do.

I love this precious top that I just purchased last week. Ive worn it two days in a row this week...I should not have told you that. You can judge me, its okay.
I do not love that someone crashed into my beautiful car...
however, I have to get a new one regardless.
SO, I am now loving the new 2-door Nissan Altimas.
I love that my husband has invited me to golf with him twice this week! He is getting ready for a tournament he is playing in this month!
(Yes, that is the shirt!)
These sweet oxfords are to die for! I've been scouting the stores for the perfect brown pair, no luck just yet.
These are so not good for you, but I am ALWAYS loving an Arby's melt. 
They are my weakness.
I am loving this picture of a funny bunny. 
I text messaged it to M on Easter....hahah
ABSOLUTELY loving this adorable swim suit!
I actually love this whole web site
They have so many interesting suits!!
I am loving (and currently looking for) this beautiful white bedding. Unfortunately, I don't think I can do all white with a big silly dog sleeping on the bed. But isn't it lovely??

I feel like this was productive. Hope you enjoyed. 


  1. I want a white comforter too for mine & the hubstir's room but like you, white doesn't mix with my precious fur baby!!!

    Sara Holt

  2. I nominated you for an award (: